Sex Therapy

Sex-positive psychotherapy services in New York City

Sex is a natural, normal part of what it means to be human. Your identities, preferences, and needs form a central aspect of who you are. Yet, so many of us experience hardship around sex and sexuality.

Some of us endure moments where we are shamed or ostracized. Some experience systemic mistreatment and sexism because of how we identify. Some struggle with sexual addictions and overwhelming impulses. And some bear the scars caused by horrific moments of abuse and trauma.

Regardless of what you've had to face, I am here for you.

My name is Margot Weinshel, and I offer sex therapy for adults from all over New York City. As a sex therapist, my goal is to provide a safe, confidential, judgment-free space where you can talk about your sexuality, heal from sexual trauma and addiction, and learn to love yourself on a deeper level.

If you are interested and ready to sign up for your first session, contact me today. Or, read on to learn about sex therapy and how it can help.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is about helping people overcome difficulties related to their sexual identities, behaviors, and traumas. Contrary to what the name suggests, sex therapy does not involve having sex in therapy (in fact, doing so would be a massive ethical violation and act of malpractice). Instead, it involves working with a therapist to address the emotional, psychological, and relational issues related to sexuality and gender.

How can sex therapy help?

Sex therapy addresses a wide range of issues related to identity, orientation, and satisfaction as a way to affirm and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Affirming Your Identity

People mistakenly use sex and gender interchangeably.

Sex is about the biological characteristics that you are born with. Traditionally, people have assumed a binary understanding of sex – male and female – which has been debunked by recent research indicating that genetic influence, sexual anatomy, and hormone levels are highly variable, which creates a great deal of diversity from person to person.

Gender, on the other hand, is a social construct based on traditional labels - labels like man, woman, boy, and girl. These labels come with social pressure to conform (e.g., men should be strong; women should be nurturing) as well as the inequality of power and opportunity.

People who struggle with issues related to sex and gender often seek sex therapy to help with issues related to:

  • Exploring and understanding your identity
  • Making a successful gender transition
  • Navigating reactions from loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc.
  • Improving body image and gender esteem
  • Coping with toxic masculinity and femininity
  • Navigating abusive or power-imbalanced relationships

Feeling Confident with Love and Orientation

Sexual orientation is all about who you feel romantically and sexually attracted to. Many people grow up in families with narrow views about sexual orientation and see relationships from a heteronormative lens. However, just as is the case with gender identity, you can't choose how you feel. Too many of us were taught to hide our sexuality (e.g., pretend to be straight) and who we are out of fear of rejection and ostracism.

People who struggle with issues related to sexual orientation often come to sex therapy to:

  • Explore and affirm one's sexual orientation
  • Deal with stressors of coming out to friends and loved ones
  • Navigate issues related to dating
  • Unpacking feelings of mistreatment and bias
  • Developing a sense of pride and self-worth

Finding Sexual Satisfaction and Healing

Sexuality is about your feelings of attraction, arousal, and sexual behavior. Sexual orientation is used to give sexuality a name or a label (e.g., gay, straight, bi). Each of us has our own unique preferences and desires, all of which are fluid and can change over time. Unfortunately, many people face difficulties related to sexuality, such as sexual abuse, dissatisfaction with sexual performance, or unhealthy sexual habits.

Sex therapy can help you work on issues related to sexuality by helping you:

  • Explore the role of sex in your life
  • Process and heal from sexual trauma
  • Engage in open, positive conversations about sexuality
  • Manage unhealthy sexual addictions
  • Reduce feelings of shame about having kinks
  • Improve performance in the bedroom

What is sex therapy like with Margot?

I am here for you.

As a sex therapist, I strive to offer a safe, shame-free space for you to explore, understand, and heal. I use multiple evidence-based methods in my practice, but I mostly draw from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help you get in touch with your emotional world and learn to trust your feelings.

I work with adults from all over the state of New York from my office in New York City, where I serve clients from all over the area (West Village, East Village, SoHo, TriBeCa, Flat Iron District, Upper East, and West Side). Currently, my work is primarily remote via teletherapy, but in-person visits will be available once the health and safety restrictions allow.

As you make progress in sex therapy, you can learn to:

  • Better understand and appreciate your identities
  • Become curious and self-reflective
  • Manage sexual addictions
  • Discover solutions to sexual difficulties
  • Make a successful gender transition
  • Deal with the stress of "coming out"
  • Process and work through trauma

As a former nurse and past chair of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Membership Committee, I am particularly helpful with people who are making a gender transition or who may be facing hardship related to fertility and building a family with your partner.

You deserve a chance to understand all parts of yourself. You deserve to feel supported as you explore and begin a journey with your new identity. You deserve an expert who can help you achieve sexual health and wellness. Contact me today to get started.